Metrohm offers a variety of instruments for sensor research and development. From small, portable potentiostats/galvanostats to powerful benchtop instruments, you’ll find flexible solutions to help your research thrive.

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Metrohm DropSens

These small bipotentiostat/galvanostats come in various configurations including Bluetooth connections, battery powered use, and impedance. Browse our models below to find the right configuration for you.

Single Channel Bipotentiostats
µStat 200
µStat 300

Single Channel Bipotentiostats/Galvanostats
µStat 400
µStat 400-OI Kit for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

NEW! Single Channel Bipotentiostats/Galvanostats/Impedance Analyzers
µStat-i 400/µStat-i 400s

Multichannel Potentiostats/Galvanostats
µStat 4000
µStat 8000

Multichannel Potentiostats
µStat 4000P
µStat 8000P

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You can expand your analytics with a combinatorial technique conjoining simultaneous electrochemical and spectroscopy techniques. Merge an Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat with an external spectrometer or take advantage of a fully integrated SPELEC system that combines both spectroscopy and electrochemical techniques in one portable instrument for real-time spectra collection continuously throughout an electrochemical measurement. Metrohm offers a unique collection of spectroelectrochemistry instruments for your applications.

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The Dropstat

For late stage electrochemical sensor development, the DropStat is a custom, single-technique hand-held potentiostat. This point-of-measurement instrument configured specifically to your successfully developed application.


Screen Printed Electrodes and Optically Transparent Electrodes
For a complete list of our screen-printed and optically transparent electrodes, click here.


Cells and Connectors

See a full list of our Metrohm DropSens accessories including flow cells, our Connector96X Electrochemical ELISA plate reader, and more!

Click here to see all Metrohm DropSens accessories.

Metrohm Autolab

Modular and Multchannel Autolab Potentiostats/Galvanostats

For higher current applications and impedance measurements, Metrohm DropSens SPEs can be used with our modular and multichannel Autolab potentiostats/galvanostats—merging function and expansion in powerful, reliable instruments, with the ability to add-on additional functionality at any time.

Add-on Modules

Expand your Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat’s capabilities with additional modules