Immunoassays are powerful techniques for biomarker detection. Antigens, genes, and proteins are common targets in the development of biosensors. Additionally, sensors for lactate and glucose monitoring, biomarkers of oxidative stress, are the subjects of much research. In the pharmaceutical industry, electrochemical biosensors based on enzyme inhibitors have garnered increasing interest in drug detection and analysis for their high sensitivity and low detection limits.

Screen printed electrodes from Metrohm DropSens can be modified with nanomaterials, mediators, and bioreceptors (antibodies, enzymes, DNA) to improve selectivity and affinity to the analyte to truly expand your clinical and immuno- applications with fast response times at a microliter scale.

Metrohm DropSens offers an array of screen printed and interdigitated electrodes. Not only can you custom design a new electrode, but modifications can also be made to existing electrodes. See below for some examples of common electrodes and modifications for clinical applications.

“Development of immunosensors for direct detection of three wound infection biomarkers..”

“Screen‐Printed Electrochemical 96‐Well Plate: a High‐Throughput Platform…”

“Electrocatalytic oxidation and determination of insulin at nickel oxide…”

“Celiac disease detection using a transglutaminase electrochemical immunosensor fabricated on nanohybrid screen-printed carbon electrodes ”

“Disposable immunosensor using a simple method for oriented antibody immobilization for label-free real-time detection of an oxidative stress biomarker implicated in cancer diseases”

“Impedimetric and stripping voltammetric determination of methamphetamine at gold nanoparticles-multiwalled…”

Common Electrodes Common Modifications

96X110: 96X Screen-printed carbon electrode for 96X well plate

110CNT: Multi-Walled carbon nanotube modified screen-printed electrode

220AT: Screen-printed gold electrode

250AT: Screen-printed gold electrode

110: Screen-printed carbon electrode

DRP-110STR: Screen-printed Carbon electrode modified with Streptavidin

DRP-110GNP-STR: Screen-Printed carbon electrode modified with gold nanoparticles and Streptavidin

DRP-110XTR: Screen-printed carbon electrode modified with ExtrAvidin

DRP-GLU10: Screen printed ferrocyaninde.carbon/glucose oxidase electrode

DRP-LACT10:  Screen oriented ferrocyaninde/carbon/L-lactate oxidase electrode

Nickel oxide nanoparticles


Multi-walled carbon nanotubes



In the webinar on the right, Dr. Susana Campuzano discusses SPEs-based electrochemical biosensors for the rapid, sensitive and selective biosensing of analytes in food and clinical samples. Learn about the simultaneous detection of multiple components such as adulterants and allergens in food samples as well as the analysis of cancer reporters in the clinical lab.